International Consultancy

Sterling International Group, Inc. is a global leader in the design, implementation, and management of effective finance, banking, public-private partnerships and enterprise development projects. The firm manages many contracts, providing technical assistance to governments, international organizations, and financial institutions.

• Economic and sectoral studies
• Infrastructure development and public-private
• Foreign direct investment
• Private sector development
• Banking and finance

Economic and Sectoral Studies

Sterling International Group has an extended track record in applying economic thinking in various areas of international development. For more than ten years, our experts have provided governments and institutions with the most up-to-date economic tools to help them elaborate more adequate policies. Private companies have also benefited from Sterling International Group's experience in economic analysis by properly seizing the economic, social and environmental impacts of specific countries on their investments.

Sterling International Group's proven methodology involves identifying key economic issues and developing relevant analytical frameworks, collecting relevant data, benchmarking and presenting results to clients.

Sterling International Group's economic advisory services broadly include:

• Economic studies
• Feasibility studies
• Public Financial Management, Independent procurement review and evaluation
• Foreign direct investment advisory
• Environmental impact studies
• Public Policy

Infrastructure Development and Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Drawing on its corporate finance and PPP expertise, Sterling International Group advises donors, governments and private sector organizations on the most effective mechanisms to facilitate private sector provision of infrastructure services (water, electricity, telecoms, transport) in developing and transition countries.

Interventions include the following activities:

• Structuring effective organizational models that support meaningful private sector participation in infrastructure sectors of developing countries.
• Designing interventions for strengthening the enabling environment and removing market failures, efficient risk transfer mechanisms, appropriate regulatory frameworks.
• Providing transaction advice to governments and the private sector for Private Sector Participation (PSP) in infrastructure opportunities.

Foreign Direct Investment

Sterling International Group provides a broad range of services in foreign direct investment analysis and promotion. In research and technical assistance, the Sterling International Group team introduces known international best practices in the following sectors:

• Investor roadmaps
• Administrative barrier studies
• Foreign investment codes
• Fiscal reporting requirements
• Site development procedures
• Investment promotion agencies
• Export processing zones

Private Sector Development

Our market-based interventions build and strengthen local institutions to meet the business and technical needs of private enterprises. Sterling International Group, Inc. works to improve the market environment in which those businesses operate. The Group provides technical assistance to the entire spectrum of firms, from micro and small to medium-sized and large enterprises, to business organizations and governments.

Banking And Finance

We design and apply innovative solutions to a wide range of financial institutions. Our staff work inside institutions, helping craft strategies to improve risk management, reduce non-performing assets, build human resource capacity, improve credit and lending practices, and create successful customer marketing and product development.