Privatizations, Restructuring
and Divestiture

The Sterling Merchant Finance team has an extended track record of successful results in concessions and privatizations. In the past years, members of the Sterling Merchant Finance team have collectively advised on dozens of privatization and concession transactions in more than twenty countries.

As a valued and trusted intermediary, Sterling Merchant Finance is in a unique position to guide its clients through the complexities of the privatization and concession process. In every assignment, the firm has successfully targeted and attracted potential investors who not only provided much-needed capital, but also added value through enhanced market access, technological and management expertise and employee social benefits. We have helped clients obtain optimum satisfaction and value on both the "buy" and "sell" sides of deals.

Sterling Merchant Finance approach to concessions and privatizations broadly includes:

• Formulation of a clear definition of the client's needs, priorities and objectives

• Review of the strategic, legal, technical, institutional and business environment

• Preparation of custom-tailored plan for the structure of the concession or divestiture

• Comprehensive due diligence reviews

• Implementation of physical, technical and organizational restructuring

• Drafting of legal documents including sale contract on concession agreement, supplier contracts, service agreements and contingent liabilities

• Preparation of information memoranda and targeted marketing campaigns including road shows and international advertising

• Investment promotion and investor targeting

• Invitation, receipt and evaluation of tenders

• Tender award negotiations