Business Overview

We provide our clients with a broad range of opportunities in emerging countries in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS, Latin America and the Caribbean. Our global relationships, combined with our unique understanding and experience of local economies, industries and cultures, help us consistently deliver the highest level of advice and service.

Our professionals advise and assist clients across a number of industries and product groups, including:

• Natural Resources
• Health Care
• Banking and Financial Institutions
• Oil and Gas
• Real Estate
• Media and Telecommunications
• Transport
• Energy
• Agro-Industries
• Water and Sanitation

We seek to be the advisor of choice for our clients and a leading participant in global financial markets. Our strategy is to grow our five core businesses in emerging markets:

1. Investment Banking

Sterling Merchant Finance's Investment Banking team has undertaken many successful and innovative public and private market transactions for corporations, financial institutions and governments in Emerging Markets. Transactions include privatizations, restructurings and divestitures, corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions.

2. Merchant Banking

The Sterling Merchant Finance team employs the same expertise that helps our clients succeed, to invest in corporate and real estate assets in emerging markets worldwide. Our specialist team is often supported by a panel of advisors who are leading figures in their sectors. We invest the firm's capital alongside other capital raised from leading venture capital investors.

3. Asset Management

Asset Management provides investment advisory services to a diverse client base of institutions and individuals. Sterling Merchant Finance operates the Sterling Growth Fund, the Group's off-shore unit investment trust focused on African equities and projects.

4. Capital Markets

Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd assists corporations and governments around the world in creating investment strategies and raising capital in public and private equity markets. Sterling Merchant Finance is able to utilize its global network of contacts and partners to provide a variety of equity and debt based products.

5. International Economic Consultancy

Sterling International Group, Inc. provides economic development solutions to businesses and governments in emerging countries, including assignments such as surveys, studies and evaluations, market research, sector and country analysis, and technical assistance design. For more detailed descriptions of these divisions, we suggest you visit our Client Services area.