Our Culture

At Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd our culture is evident in our business practices helping us attract and retain the best employees and clients. Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd aligns its internal business objectives and resources with a focus on developing the capabilities to sustain meaningful and lasting relationships with its clients. Custom-tailored service is Sterling Merchant Finance's hallmark. Our professionals are actively involved in client affairs so as to gain a comprehensive understanding of their objectives and needs.

At the center of our business remains our commitment to our clients, which is embodied in our fifteen Business Principles. They are also a consistent measure for evaluating recruits and employees.

The highest quality of implementation capability is captured in our staff's multi-disciplinary approach, enhanced by multi-lingual capabilities and cultural sensitivity. Sterling's global network of partner firms, combined with our unique understanding and experience of local economies, industries and cultures, helps us to consistently deliver the highest level of advice and service.

To maintain our competitive edge and meet the high expectations of our clients, our culture continues to evolve. Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd has made a commitment to create an environment that values diversity and promotes inclusion.

Finally, the people of Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd take very seriously their responsibility to the communities in which they live and work. Besides being responsive to community needs, Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd has a long-standing tradition of leadership in philanthropy through various initiatives in emerging countries.

It is our culture that sets Sterling Merchant Finance apart from others firms. Our culture aids us in attracting the best talent and delivering the first-class results our clients demand.