Here is what you need to work at Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd:

A passion for excellence:

We share a determination to achieve excellence in every project we undertake. Our professionals challenge themselves, and support one another, in being the best they can for our clients and for the firm. This is critical since our clients trust us to provide the best possible results, and we take enormous pride in delivering those results.

Belief in the power of the group:

Our environment is collaborative. We actively solicit ideas from one another, act on consensus wherever possible, and ensure that all team members get the credit for a job well done. True, our professionals are competitive, but they compete with the external marketplace, not with one another.


Trust, both personal and professional, is the heart of our business. Once you are part of our team, we expect you to maintain the highest ethical standards and maintain fairness in everything you do. We will hire only people who we believe are worthy of this trust.


At Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd we expect team members to demonstrate leadership qualities. But it is not about outperforming those around you. It is about thinking like a leader: taking initiative to think a problem through in a different way; seeking improvements to processes and systems that may already work well; going the extra mile for a client or colleague and taking the long-term view whenever possible.

A desire to be challenged:

We thrive on challenge - we are constantly working to find new and better ways of doing things for both our clients and our firm. And we enjoy working with people who feel the same way. You will need to have a zest for challenge and a desire to be at a place where your intellectual and emotional lives are lived to the fullest.

The drive to make your mark on the world:

At Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd, you'll have the opportunity to use your drive, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and imagination. As part of our team, you can make your mark in the world - breaking new financial ground, building companies and helping clients to realize their dreams. To do this, you'll need a strong sense of purpose and motivation, one that you can bring to your work every day.

What does the application of a Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd candidate look like?

When selecting candidates to meet, we look for how all these qualities are reflected in your academic achievements, extracurricular activities and personal experiences. When we review your application, we look for an outstanding, compelling combination of academic achievement and active involvement in university campus clubs, sports or vocational activities.

We want to know about the ways in which you have challenged yourself to excel, where you have served as a team leader or an active team participant, and instances in which your innovation and creative thinking have generated successful outcomes.