Our recruitment process is anchored around our commitment to recruit leading individuals, put them together into a focused and driven team and let their skills, their drive, their intelligence and creativity come to the fore.

We are of the opinion that if they are trained, challenged and their energy is focused on involving and rewarding problems the firm will have maximum developmental impact in the life of the people in the markets it operates.

Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd's recruiting process reflects the synergies between our search for committed associates and the fact we seek many of the same core qualities in Intern and full-time candidates. Our process also enforces our philosophy that candidates' understanding of the Sterling Merchant Finance culture is as important as the skills and talent they can bring to the firm.

How the Process Works

Your first interview is designed to help us get to know you, and for you to ask questions about us. The interview will be held is held with two Sterling Merchant Finance's professionals at our office in Washington, DC. The interview will focus primarily on your past experiences and accomplishments as well as your general suitability for and interest in Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd.

After this round you may then be invited back for second round interviews. Second and any subsequent interviews will focus on your suitability for a particular division or project, and may be more technical in nature. Our interviewers will continue to assess your comfort with the firm's culture as well as your interest in Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd and the financial services industry overall.